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North Celstial Tree-- JeronimoLosadaI’ve been having some work done here in the studio recently and have been sharing my space with a couple of carpenters.  I am never comfortable sharing my  workspace with anybody and always feel a bit distracted, even inhibited.  But both Tony and Nick are good and easy going guys and I have been able to get some work done.

Yesterday, Tony told me to check out the NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day.  He thought it would look familiar to me.  Clicking on the site I was greeted by the photo above, a magnificent image of a great tree under a night sky taken by Spanish astrophotographer Jeronimo Losada  near Almaden de la Plata in the province of Seville, Spain.  Through a break in the upper reaches of the tree you can see the North Celestial Pole.  Losada focused on the North  Star and over two hours recorded a series of 30 second exposures which created the star trails that make up this spectacular sky.

It was just a great photo and it certainly did strike home even though the tree was not exactly my Red Tree.  But  Tony was right.  The tree , the saddle in the center of the photo created by the wide angle of the lens  and the silhouettes of trees on the horizon reminded me of much of my work.  I had even done a painting or two with that same swirl of light and color in the sky.

Please check out Jeronimo Losada’s  blog  to see some of his other wonderful shots of the landscape beneath the night sky.  There are some brilliant shots there and it’s well worth a visit.  It is a Spanish language site but most browsers have translators.

And for some other great shots of the heavens check out the Astronomy Picture of the Day.  Today’s is a great shot as well.




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