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architectural-density-in-hong-kong-michael-wolf-8A friend sent me a link the other day to an article on TwistedSifter, a site that collects the most interesting visual images from the web on a daily basis.  While I enjoyed the article to which I was directed, about a French artist who makes creative use of the negative space in the photos he takes (I will feature his work here because it’s much more interesting than that), it was another image on the same page that really caught my eye.  It was a photo of several apartments towers in Hong Kong, the terraces filling the frame, shown here on the right.  It is a fascinating shot, with so much visual data that was both overwhelming and captivating with its abstraction and relentless chaos.

The photo is from the award-winning photographer Michael Wolf, who is German born but now resides in Hong Kong.  He has made a career out of capturing the imagery of the urban landscape.    This image is from his series and book, Architecture of Density, in which he takes away any glimpse of the sky or horizon, giving the viewer a claustrophobic feeling, as though there is no escape from the never-ending  sprawl.  It’s a bit scary but fascinating, nonetheless.

You can see more of Michael Wolf’s work at his site, photomichaelwolf.com.

architectural-density-in-hong-kong-michael-wolf-5 architectural-density-in-hong-kong-michael-wolf-3

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