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GC Myers- Close to the CenterHere’s another new piece, a 16″ by 20″ canvas that I am calling Closer to the Center for the moment.  I came to that title because when it seemed to me that the trail which runs along a ridge above the valley reminded me of  the path through a labyrinth or a maze  where the person  moving along the trail that winds in and out  is often taken to points where they are so tantalizingly close to the destination that they feel their journey is almost complete. But  they have, in fact,  quite a journey ahead of them.

That’s what this piece brought to mind for me, the light and richness of the valley acting as a destination, a final point.  You can continue on the ridge path with the  lush valley still in sight or you can opt to take  another path that may take you further from the center but will bring you to your intended destination sooner.  Or it may take you to another point altogether, one that you never envisioned  from the trail.  That is the decision that must be made– which path do you follow?

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