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Detroit Performs Detroit Public Television WTVSThere are many ways our work spreads out once it has left us.  I’ve written in the past week about my work physically traveling to distant lands in American Embassies and with numerous collectors abroad as well as taking note of my imagery appearing in an art class across the country.  Another way it spreads is through the media, in interviews and articles that sometimes take on a life of their own and linger long after you have forgotten them.  These things are never perfect, never giving  full context of you as a person or an artist, but are useful despite their limitations, if only in making people aware of your work.

I have written here about the TV segment that our regional public television station, WSKG, did in my studio a couple of years ago.  Over that time this segment has been all around the country, appearing in numerous arts programs on other public television stations.  Periodically, I will get a rash of contacts from people in a certain area and will often find that this segment has recently shown on their public TV channel.  Usually, that is the only way I know that it has been shown in these areas.

But yesterday, I received a tweet that it was once again on the move, this time showing as part of a program called Detroit Performs, which appears this Tuesday, September 30 at 7:30 PM.  It is produced by Detroit Public Television, WTVS.  This episode features stories from artists who work in the aftermath of accidents or cancer, also featuring artists Darold Gholston and Kate Paul.

It is somehow still alive.

Here’s the promo from Detroit Public Television and a web extra released last year by WSKG that feature a part of the interview that didn’t make it into the final segment.

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