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Time Flows

GC Myers Time Flows 2007Just a while ago I had been thinking about this painting, about 18″ by 26″ on paper, from back in 2007.  It’s called Time Flows and it’s a bit of an anomaly for me, with all the stonework and waterfall.  A one time only thing that pops back into my thoughts now and again.

But it is its texture rather than the subject that always sticks out for me– thickly layered and very rough with deep pits that go all the way to the paper below.  It was coarser in many ways than my normal surface but it worked perfectly for this particular piece.  The pits captured pigment in an interesting way, more interesting than if I had tried to paint it with a brush.

It came back to mind this morning in the aftermath of last night’s flooding that took place just a few miles north of the studio.  Small streams and falls turned into raging cascades, washing out and covering many roads.  Thankfully, no injuries.

Seeing the videos of the local water in motion made me think of it connected to a song from Jimi Hendrix titled May This Be Love.  I always  think of the song  as being titled Waterfalls.  Like the painting, it is definitely more placid than the swollen streams from last night.

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