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GC Myers-  Nova Harmonia smThis painting, a 16″ by 40″ canvas, is another piece from the Native Voice show and is titled Nova Harmonia.  That loosely translates as New Harmony but it doesn’t really anything to do with the short-lived 19th century Utopian community of that name in Indiana although the utopian aspect might apply.

The feeling and theme of the piece is very much about the concept of living in harmony with the forces of the world around us and that might seem like some far-fetched utopian concept to some.  And that’s  a shame because this coexistence we share with the earth should be something that we naturally accept and make part of our lives.  Far too many think of the earth as being something that we dominate, a servant– no, a slave– that provides us with a never-ending supply of fuel, food and everything else we can strip from it.

But that is so wrong in so many ways, mainly in its hubris, greed and short-sightedness.  We are temporary tenants here on a world that has seen many species and civilizations come and go before us. one that will be still revolving around that sun long after we are but a distant memory.

Instead, it should be viewed as our partner or our ward, something that we watch over with care and respect in exchange for the great bounty it has provided.  Perhaps it will allow us to inhabit its richness for a bit longer that way.

That’s the message I glean from this painting.  It has an optimism and unity that I find reassuring and hopeful.  In short, this painting makes me feel good.

As I said above, this piece is at the Principle Gallery for my Native Voice show which opens Friday, June 5.

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