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Georges Rouault -Christ in the Suburbs 1920-24I am a believer and a conformist. Anyone can revolt; it is much more difficult to obey our inner promptings.

Georges Rouault


I’ve been a big fan of French painter/printmaker Georges Rouault  (1871-1958) from the moment many years ago when I stumbled across Miserere, a book of of his etchings.  It was raw and expressive work often dealing with religious themes and those inner promptings, as he calls them in the quote above. It was  a work that was very influential on my early Exiles series.

His paintings also possess the same rawness and expression of his etchings, maybe even more so, and I find myself immediately drawn to the dark line work and deep colors within them, not to mention the pure emotional feeling of them.

Now, if only I can obey my own inner promptings…

Georges Rouault Sunset 1937 georges-rouault-christ-and-the-fishermen-1939- Georges Rouault The Old King

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