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GC Myers- Into the PatternThis painting, Into the Pattern, is featured prominently in my upcoming show at the Principle Gallery (opening June 3)and was featured in an earlier blog entry a few months back.  I thought I’d take a few moments this morning to revisit this painting as it is also featured on a poster for the Soarway Foundation.

As you probably know from recent posts, I am currently partnered with this organization in a fundraising effort to aid them in their mission to help the people of Nepal in the aftermath of last year’s earthquakes which devastated this peaceful and isolated nation.  The foundation was started and headed by retired US Ambassador to Nepal Scott DeLisi who saw that there was a real need for quick and specific assistance for the local organizations in Nepal who were on the front lines in battling the poverty, loss of facilities and homes and the rise of human trafficking that took place in the huge void created after the earthquake.  Feeding off the affection for the people of Nepal he gained while living there, Scott and wife, Leija, have turned what should have been a  comfortable retirement into a seemingly all consuming, full-time effort to complete their mission to bring aid to Nepal.

It’s a daunting task, especially in a world that seems to unleash a new tragedy every other day.  But I would like to think we are a people of compassion and that we see that we are connected with the struggles of people a world away in the shadow of the Himalayas. It’s this connection, this unity with all the world, that I feel is a central theme in my work, especially in this upcoming show.  We are all part of a larger pattern and when one part of the pattern is damaged, the whole of it suffers.

Prayer flags fly over the village of Khunde.

Prayer flags fly over the village of Khunde.

I see this connection to a larger pattern in this particular painting.  It was chosen for the poster for this reason and also because the pattern and colors of the spiral forms in the sky remind me of the Buddhist prayer flags that are often seen flying over Nepal.  The flags come in five colors–blue, white, red, green and yellow– symbolizing the five elements of sky, wind, water, fire and earth.  When flown they become symbolic prayers that with the help of the wind spread peace, compassion, strength and wisdom over the surrounding landscape.

I think we could all use a few more prayer flags.

So, I ask with all seriousness that you consider making a small donation to this Soarway Foundation effort-  part of the pattern is damaged and needs to be repaired.  You might think your small effort doesn’t matter but you’re wrong– it takes many to help many.

You can help and I am sincerely and outright asking for your assistance in this effort.

And who knows? You might win the painting being offered.  I’m looking at it at this very moment here in the studio– it’s a large and dramatic piece that speaks to the same themes as Into the Pattern.  Plus you get the poster below.

So, please click here to visit the event page.

Soarway Poster -Engage Nepal

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