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American Art Colector June 2016 coverThere’s a nice preview of my upcoming Principle Gallery show, Part of the Pattern, in the new June issue of American Art Collector.  It’s always nice to see your work in the context of a national magazine, especially when the images show well and the article is well written.

And I think that is the case with this particular article.  When I was interviewed by the editor I wasn’t so sure that this would be the case.  In a telephone interview with limited time, it is sometimes hard to know if you’ve coherently made your point or if you’ve just made yourself sounds kind of nutty.  When I hung up the phone on this interview I wasn’t really sure in which camp I fell.

But it reads well, with a reference to an Erwin Schrödinger quote that sticks with me– The task is…not so much to see what no one has yet seen; but to think what nobody has yet thought, about that which everybody sees– which for me is about trying to take what could be mundane scenes and imbuing them with sensed meaning and emotion.

There is also a nice quote from a couple, Deidre and Jim, who have collected my work for the past fifteen years.  They do not consider themselves “art people” and came to my work through a chance encounter with a painting in the window of the Principle Gallery those many years ago.  They speak about how that one moment, that one look, has made a difference in their lives in those fifteen years.

The fact that Jim and Deidre don’t consider themselves “art people” very much pleases me.  That means that the work affected them in a way that took them out of their normal pattern, made them see something beyond what they normally were seeing.  That goes back to the words of  Schrödinger and is the hope of any artist.

So, if you see the magazine please check out the article.  And if you’re in the Alexandria area on the evening of June 3, stop in at the Principle Gallery for the opening of the show.

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