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Maurice Sendak from We Are All in the Dumps with Jack and Guy 1993Forgive me.

I try to keep this blog and my work separated from politics, keep it a place where you don’t have to face the crazy contentiousness and illogical arguments that fill every minute of the news cycle in this election year.  We need a tranquil resting place.

Last year, when I was leading a two-day workshop, one of the participants brought up the then burgeoning presidential race, wanting to bash one side.  Though I agreed with him and wanted to bash as much as anyone in the room, I felt like I had to stop the discussion.  I didn’t know the politics of everyone in that room and didn’t want anyone to feel challenged or attacked in any way.  They didn’t sign up for that.  They came, hopefully because they wanted to learn to do something that took them away from rancor, something that united rather than divided people.

So I declared the workshop a no-politics zone and we moved on.

But today I am making a slight departure if only to share the  illustration above from the late great Maurice Sendak.  It’s from his 1993 children’s book We Are All in the Dumps with Jack and Guy, which basically took two Mother Goose nursery rhymes and combined them into one simple story that presented strong social commentary that decried the ills of our society.  You know, greed and avarice and that kind of thing.

One of the illustrations is the one shown at the top which shows Trump Tower and a host of folks in rags with them exclaiming the words: Lost! Tricked! Trumped! Dumped!

There’s lot more that could be said.  In fact, I went on a spiel but cut it.

Sometimes it’s better to let a simple image do the talking…


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