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Paul Simon by Chuck CloseIt’s hard to believe that Paul Simon has been a major part of the American songbook for over 50 years, since The Sound of Silence arrived back in 1964.  If you want to get technical, Simon has been writing and recording since 1957.  So it’s closer to 60 years.  And through all that time, he has continued to move forward, never opting to cruise by on a well-built reputation and a deep body of stellar work.

His work has been a document of our times and a constant companion to many of us through out or lives.

At age 74, Paul Simon has released a new album, Stranger to Stranger, that continues his journey ahead.  On his terms.  The voice is not diminished.  The rhythms are still intriguing and the words and melodies bear his signature.  It’s all strong and distinct.

What more can you ask from an artist who you have known so well for so long?

The cover art for the album is a detail from a painting, shown above, of Simon painted by artist Chuck Close in his signature style.

So, for this Sunday morning’s music, here’s the title song from the new album, Stranger to Stranger.  Sit back, relax and have yourself a great Sunday.


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