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Temptations Papa Was a Rolling StoneJust a short entry today for Father’s Day.  It probably seems like a questionable choice to select Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone from the mighty Temptations as the song for this Sunday.  It’s a song about an absent father and his son who is trying to discover who and what his father truly was.  Not deeply sentimental and definitely not warm and fuzzy.

But it’s a great, great song.  Plus, even when you know your parents intimately well there is always a question about their reality before you came along or when they are apart from you, in different contexts.  You think you know their whole story but you are often not quite sure that it is truly the whole story.

So, have a great Sunday.  If you can, celebrate the day with your father in some way.  And enjoy the soulful sounds of the Temptations.  This is the full version with the classic instrumental intro that you will no doubt recognize.

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