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yayoi-kusama-all-the-eternal-love-i-have-for-the-pumpkins-2016Well, October is the time for pumpkins.

Over the last day or so I keep coming back to the photo above after seeing it on the I Require Art page.  Titled  All the Eternal Love I Have For the Pumpkins, it’s from an installation from the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.  Now 87 years old and still highly  productive, she has long been at the forefront of the avant-garde and conceptual art movements.

yayoi-kusama-portrait-w-pumpkinI can’t write much about her as I don’t know much about her.  But the imagery I have come across with all its densely packed patterns consisting often of her trademark polka dots swirling and twisting on multiple surfaces.  Like the pumpkins above or the photo here on the left  with her becoming part of the installation in a most wonderful way.  It’s mesmerizing.

One of the ways I quickly judge the direction of an artist’s work is to do a Google image search.  Below is a quick shot of a search done with her name and the word pumpkin and below that is one just using her name.  Great continuity, great pop off the screen.  I just love the look of this work.

I urge you to look more into the work and life of Yayoi Kusama.  I know I will look further.


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