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lake-wanaka-nz-lone-tree-2I don’t know much about New Zealand, have never been there and most likely will never get to see that country.  But I have long heard about its spectacular natural beauty with its soaring mountains and forests.  Out of all of this beauty, I recently came across a photo of what is considered perhaps the most photographed and beautiful spots in all of New Zealand.

lake-wanaka-nz-lone-tree-5-bwIn the foothills of the Mount Aspiring National Park on New Zealand’s South Island, beneath the snow-capped peaks of the southern alps, there is an alpine lake and on the shore (and sometimes in the lake itself) stand a willow tree.  It is the Lone Tree of Lake Wanaka.

It started its life years ago as a hewed off willow branch acting as a fence post.  The tree sprouted from that post and stands alone now, the fence line long gone. That’s determination, a will to exist.

It’s a powerful image, this single tree standing amidst all the powerful glory of nature.  While it may attract crowds of tourists to snap pictures of the tree and themselves beside it, it is obviously the solitary determination of the tree that speaks to those who see it.  I think that is something that speaks to most of us, this need to know that we can withstand this world, can stand alone.

I know it sure speaks to me and certainly looks familiar to much of my work.  I did  a quick search and chose a few great images out of the many out there of the Lone Tree.  Take a look.  It is peaceful yet strong and defiantly determined.  Heroic.

If only it were red…

lake-wanaka-nz-lone-tree-7 lake-wanaka-nz-lone-tree-1 lake-wanaka-nz-lone-tree-3 lake-wanaka-nz-lone-tree-6 lake-wanaka-nz-lone-tree-4

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