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GC Myers- Cool FireThe works must be conceived with fire in the soul but executed with clinical coolness.
Joan Miro


This new painting is a 10″ by 30″ canvas that I call Cool Fire.  It is included in my show, Part of the Plan, which opens this Saturday at the Kada Gallery in Erie.  I came across the words above from artist Joan Miro, whose work I admire very much, after I had finished this piece.

I was struck by how his words lined up with how I see this painting, especially in its juxtaposition of warmth and coolness.  It creates a tension that is similar to the actual creation of many works of art, one where the artist walks a fine line between passion and control.

I think this balance is critical in creating work that reaches out to the viewer.  Too much control and the work, while it might have great beauty, is cold and passionless.  Too much passion without little control may appear erratic and off message.

But to make these two opposing forces work together is what brings life to the work and allows it to reach out.  And I think this painting, with its equal parts of fire and self control, is a pretty good example of walking this fine line.

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