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Comforter Blues

PG GCMyers-- Comforter sm

“Comforter”- At the Principle Gallery

There’s a lot to do this morning between errands and the fast approaching deadline for my show next month at the West End Gallery. Just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day.

But it all seems insignificant and downright trivial when thinking about a good friend of mine who is in pretty bad shape right now. He is in the position many folks have found themselves in the past year or so. Though he doesn’t have the coronavirus, he has contracted pneumonia and is currently in a local ICU, where he is intubated and heavily sedated.

It’s a scary situation for him and his family and friends. Like I said, its a situation that has been way too familiar for too many people this past year, one that leaves one feeling unable to help or even comfort properly.

I am going to leave it at that. I hope you’ll think of my friend today. Maybe your thoughts will somehow help him. Maybe they will also provide an example to each of us of how tenuous our health and welfare can be, that we should not take tomorrow for granted. It may not come in the form we think it will.

Here’s a song I am playing for my friend. It’s Bell Bottom Blues from Eric Clapton during his time with Derek and the Dominos. Hope you’re up and around soon, Brian. Next breakfast is on me.

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