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Edward Hopper -Early Sunday Morning 1926

Edward Hopper -Early Sunday Morning 1926

I don’t celebrate birthdays much but yesterday was Kris Kristofferson‘s birthday. His 85th. He’s been many things in his life, as the bio on his website points out:

He was an Oxford scholar, a defensive back, a bartender, a Golden Gloves boxer, a gandy dancer, a forest-fighter, a road crew member, and an Army Ranger who flew helicopters. He was a peacenik, a revolutionary, an actor, a superstar, a Casanova, and a family man. He was almost a teacher at West Point, though he gave that up to become a Nashville songwriting bum.

Definitely one of the more interesting people of our time. And a helluva songwriter.

Me and Bobby McGee is burned into my brain, especially the version from Janis Joplin, who he also dated for a while, just to add to his interest factor. There are plenty of others to mention but for me, my mind always goes to either Bobby McGee or to Sunday Morning Coming Down, which was a big hit for Johnny Cash.

The feel of that song is unmistakable and for someone who grew up when the Blue Laws were still in effect and Sundays were, for the most part, shut down affairs, it rings true. The Edward Hopper painting at the top captures that same feeling for me. The stillness that comes after long Saturday nights spent knowing that the following day was there for recuperating.

And the weekly Sunday dinner. Ours was often a roast chicken meal, if we weren’t going to another relative’s home for the meal.

The song opens up floodgates of memory and feeling. I have to say that this morning feels like one of those Sunday mornings long ago.

Anyway, here’s Kris Kristofferson and his Sunday Morning Coming Down.

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