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GC Myers- Crossroads of the World  2021

“Crossroads of the World”- Now at the Principle Gallery

I’m standing at the crossroads
There are many roads to take
But I stand here so silently
For fear of a mistake
One path leads to paradise
One path leads to pain
One path leads to freedom
But they all look the same

–Crossroads, Calvin Russell

I am in the middle of getting work ready for my next show, Through the Trees, which opens July 16th at the West End Gallery in Corning. So, I find myself super busy this morning with not a lot of time to write. But my Principle Gallery show is still in progress and I wanted to showcase a piece from that show today along with a song that reminded me of it.

The painting, shown above, is Crossroads of the World, and the song is the aptly titled Crossroads from the late Calvin Russell, a Texas based blues/roots rock musician who died in 2011 at the age of 62. I recently came across him and didn’t know much about him.

He lived a pretty rough life– you can see it in his face– and his music never gained much notoriety here in the states but found more receptive audiences in Europe, most notably France where he achieved his greatest success. I’ve liked much of what I have heard from him including this song.

Thought it might make for a nice paring this morning before I get to work. Give a listen.

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