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Maurice Prendergast– Along the Shore

I was looking at the work of a favorite artist, Maurice Prendergast, and realized that I hadn’t shown any of his work here for awhile. I did a quick check and discovered that I hadn’t featured his work here since, coincidentally, this very date back in 2010. Thought it might be time to revisit his work.

There is something in the work of Prendergast ( 1858-1924) that really satisfies something in me. But more than that, I always come away feeling inspired and chomping to get t my own work. It’s like his work sets certain gears inside me in motion. That’s the way it is for many of my favorite artists– they satisfy and motivate.

And I needed just that this morning.

Here’s a short video slideshow of some of his works set to a little Mozart.


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