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I Put a Spell on You

GC Myers-The Incantation 1994

The Incantation – 1994

Halloween today, in 2021, almost seems like a break from the scary people and behaviors that haunt and terrify on a day-to-day basis.

What I wouldn’t give to have the Frankenstein monster or the Wolfman or Dracula or even some other off-brand random vampire or ghost be the thing that most terrified me these days. At least, those scary beings could be rationalized away by simply telling yourself over and over that they did not exist.

The creatures that send shivers down my spine these days definitely exist and there is no chance of rationalizing them away.

Not going to go in to that now but let’s just say that I hope my fears today are as unfounded as those ones from my childhood based on monsters and myths.

For this Sunday morning music, let’s go with a scary classic from Screaming Jay Hawkins from 1956, his immortal I Put a Spell on You.¬† There are plenty of video versions of the song with Screaming Jay going through the schtick that served him well for decades after the song came out, with its glittery witch doctor costume and nose bones along with choreographed gyrations and kicks. But I want to keep it simple and am playing the original track.

Like other great songs, this song, written by Screaming Jay, has been recorded by lots of other artists. Nina Simone does a beautiful version. But my favorite cover is from CCR. It keeps the spirit of the song and honors it. I am throwing that on as well this morning.

Halloween  2021Рscared yet?

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