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The Creeper-- GC Myers 1995 sm

I don’t have any illusion that The Creeper is as popular or will ever be as popular as any of the classic movie monsters, but I think in the heart of every young horror fan is his desire to create his own creature.

–Victor Salva

The quote from director Victor Salva is about his character who menaced filmgoers in the Jeepers Creepers series of horror movies in the early 2000’s. I didn’t know it when I began writing this article this morning but a new  entry in the series premieres today. What an odd — and kind of creepy– coincidence.

To be honest, I have never seen any of the films and most likely will not. But I like the idea behind Salva’s words above. Wanting to see something that fully clicks with something inside ourselves is the basis for art of all sorts. Even horror movies.

My version of that is the advice I give to aspiring artists of any medium: Paint the paintings you want to see. Write the books you want to read. Write the music you want to hear.

This quote also reminded me of this painting of mine from about 25 years ago that bears a similar title called The Creeper. It predates Salva’s films so it was not inspired by them in any way. I have written about this painting before, mentioning that it was one of the paintings that I regret selling. This was part of my Exiles series that were painted in the mid 90’s, mostly grieving figures painted with segmented features. 

 It was the first real series I had painted and was the basis for my first solo show. I think I only sold three of those pieces and regret having taken any of them from that group of work. I think because those pieces were so much the product of a specific emotional state at a certain time, I will not be able to capture that exact feel again. I have periodically painted figures in that style over the years since and while they have their own emotional impact, they don’t strike me as personally as these earlier pieces.

These few pieces are gone but at least I have images to take a look at when their memories start to creep in, much like that fellow above.

Here’s a song that I featured here a decade ago when writing about this painting. It’s The Creeper from the Ventures. This song is very reminiscent of Wipeout ( with maybe a little Peter Gunn thrown in) but is really distinguished by some super organ work  from the late, great Leon Russell in an early appearance in 1964.  It’s a good listen as we head into Halloween.

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