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Miro/ Soul

Joan Miro

… wherever you are, you find the sun, a blade of grass, the spirals of the dragonfly. Courage consists of staying at home, close to nature, which could not care less about our disasters. Each grain of dust contains the soul of something marvelous.

–Joan Miró

A little Miró to kick off the post-Labor Day portion of our program.

Here’s a song from Dave Brubeck and his classic album Time Further Out which is subtitled Miró Reflections and featured Miró artwork on its cover. The song is Bru’s Boogie Woogie which I chose after a friend featured the modern Boogie Woogie piano of Henri Herbert in her blog, Lagniappe, yesterday. The title of her post was It’s Time to Boogie into Fall

She isn’t wrong. And here’s Bru to help you get started.

Joan Miro Femme et OiseauJoan_Miro-figure-at-night-guided-by-the-phosphorescent-tracks-of-snails-e1380034629409


Joan Miro, Constellations 1959

Joan Miro Blue 1961Miro, Constellation

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