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Resurrection Shuffle

Hurricane Ian Ft Myers

We’re coming up on two years since my dad died and watching the coverage of Hurricane Ian brings back a lot of memories. The last place he lived was in Fort Myers Beach, about a mile down San Carlos Blvd. from the Sanibel Island Causeway that was totally devastated by the storm. I look for images that might show his old home there but it’s so hard to determine what is what in the massive destruction shown.

I found one mention of the park in which he lived that said that, early into the storm, the water was up on to the roofs of the homes there. I can only imagine that it is gone or, if not, will soon be as it would be unlivable and most likely beyond repair.

I also can imagine that some of the people in that same park refused to leave.

Though I wasn’t fond of that place or the reasons for being there several years back when we had to go down to bring hm back to this area as his Alzheimer’s worsened, this makes me a little sad. Just another example of how traces of people are wiped away.

And now the storm is headed up to the Charleston, SC area where my parents also lived for a couple of years. Maybe they lived in those places just so their family would be reminded of them whenever the inevitable natural disasters struck these vulnerable areas?

I kind of doubt that factored into their decisions.

But seeing these images of these places I somewhat know being so decimated is striking on a human level. I can’t imagine having to try to rebuild a life in those places. I am tired now as it is.

But it will be done in some form. People somehow persevere.

It’s all we can do.

I have a piece of music to share that might seem out of place and irreverent to the tragedy taking place. If you are offended, I apologize. However, coming across it this morning made me smile and people need to be able to do that if they are to persevere. This is an old clip from the Cher show in 1975 that has Cher, Tina Turner and Anthony Newley performing a medley of songs including The Resurrection Shuffle, in a revival tent-type setting. It’s a classic example of kitschy, overdone variety TV that ruled the early 1970’s. I

It’s so bad it’s good.

Again, sorry if this seems out of place but, hey, they’re going to need this kind of energy for their own resurrection.

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