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GC Myers-Garden of Delight  2022

Garden of Delight– At the Principle Gallery

Do you rememberThe 21st night of September?Love was changin’ the minds of pretendersWhile chasin’ the clouds away

Earth, Wind & Fire, September

The 22nd marks the first day of autumn, my favorite time of the year. But yesterday, this year’s last day of summer, was pretty good for a lot of folks.

Not so much a good day for a few others.

It usually isn’t a good day for someone when karma begins to demand consequences for the many still unpunished offenses from their past. 

There are still too many moving parts to be absolutely sure that karma will finally get its due. But if it does, remember the 21st of September. That might be the night when karma finally came through the door.

Here’s September from Earth, Wind & Fire. They will never let you forget the 21st of September.

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