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GC Myers- CandleThere are two ways of spreading light… To be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it.

–Edith Wharton


This is a new piece,  8″ by 10″ on paper, that I am calling Candle.  Working on this painting, I determined that I wanted to keep the composition very simple and stark.  There was so much energy in the radiating forms that adding anything beyond the blue panel at the bottom would change the whole feel of the piece as I was seeing it.  The blue provides contrast and forms a horizon line that gives the whole image a measure of inward depth without detracting from the simplicity of the image, which I see as being essential to the strength of this painting.

Simplicity, as is often the case, translates as grace.  And grace of some form was what began to show in this piece as it unfolded.  I was reminded as I worked on this of the great (in my mind, the greatest British artist) JMW Turner‘s reputed dying words: The sun is God.  There is a spiritual element in how the sun is depicted in his work and I often feel that I am representing something more than a source of physical light and energy when I paint these sun orbs in my work.

Perhaps that something more is a presence beyond the physical.

I don’t know.  But for a moment, my uncertainty is relieved and I feel connected with the warmth and light from the presence that is the sun in this piece.

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A Sense of Grace

Once Was Blind...You know, sometimes you forget in your day to day life to stop and just take in the moment, putting aside chores to simply breath.  To bask in the sunlight and look at the sky, to feel the world drift dreamily over you.  It’s at these moments that you realize the things you’ve been looking for for so long are imminent.  There is a sense of grace in this moment, one that is at once humbling and uplifting.

Grace doesn’t come in a thunderbolt.  Grace comes quietly like the sun shifting behind the clouds.  Like a shadow cast in the bright light of day.

To this end, here is a lovely piece of film set to Allison Krauss‘  version of Down In the River to Pray.  In the sound and imagery there is a sense of this grace…

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