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The piece above is called Mountain Etude. It’s a new 24″ by 30″ painting on canvas that works on a couple of levels for today’s blog post.

First, it is included in my solo  show, Moments and Color, that opens tomorrow, Friday, July 12, at the West End Gallery. It is one of a group that includes a new element in the form of the multi-colored flower beds along with the more recognizable Red Tree and Red Roofs.

Second, it is a nice illustrative point for a new article that came out this week in one of my favorite regional magazines, Mountain Home. I wrote about Mountain Home here back in 2010, describing the great quality of the writing as well as the journalistic pedigree of its founders and publishers, Theresa and Michael Capuzzo. They do a top notch job in covering the interesting aspects of this region which includes the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania and the Finger Lakes of New York.

They did a story on my work for the July issue. Jennie Simon, a writer based in Ohio with roots and connections in this region, did a phone interview with me and also visited the Kada Gallery in Erie, PA and the West End Gallery in Corning. Jennie had space limitations to deal with but produced a an article with a lot of info in a very concise manner.

Thank you, Jennie, for doing a bang up job. I truly appreciate it.

The magazine should be in outlets this week but you can read the article online by clicking here. Please take a look at the rest of the issue as well. Much to my liking, this month’s issue has articles about a local connection to major league baseball and the Bare Knuckle Hall of Fame out in Belfast in Allegany County. That area of western NY is now very rural and sparsely populated but just over century ago it was a hotbed of activity.  It was the center of a lumber boom as well as being adjacent to the oil boom taking place just to the south in northern Pennsylvania.

With its large population of young men in the lumber and oil fields and few distractions to occupy them in their off time, it became a center of sporting activity with boxing and wrestling matches taking place regularly between nationally known athletes. It’s a fascinating era and one that strikes close to the bone for many local residents. I know that, in both my family and that of my wife, there were a number of ancestors involved in the lumber field in this region. I had a great-great uncle who played in a band in one of the many hotels that sprung up to serve the oil field workers of that time.

While he didn’t travel as far west as Belfast for his matches, my grandfather, Shank Myers, had a professional wrestling career in the early part of the 20th century that coincided with this boom. In fact, one of the men enshrined in the Bare Knuckle Hall of Fame, Ed Atherton, has ties to my hometown and my grandfather. Atherton is an interesting case and I thought I had shared his story here before but cannot find it this morning. I will write more on him at some other time.

Anyway, please take a look at all of the current issue of Mountain Home. And please stop in at the West End Gallery anytime to see the show or spend a few minutes talking with me at the opening reception tomorrow night. It is open to all and runs from 5-7:30 PM on Friday, July 12, at the West End Gallery on Corning’s historic Market Street.

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In the area where I live,  near the the NY/Pennsylvania border just south of the Finger Lakes, there is a great monthly magazine called Mountain Home.  It’s a beautifully produced and edited magazine that is free, distributed through grocery and convenience stores and a variety of other outlets throughout the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania and the Southern Tier of NY.  When it first came out several years ago, I was immediately taken with the quality of the writing about local stories.  The writers really focused on real storytelling, giving the stories of local people and places real depth and interest, exposing aspects of everyday life here that are often overlooked.  Just plain good writing.

A rare thing in modern journalism of any kind.

Turns out there’s good reason for this.  The publishers are a married couple, Theresa and Michael Capuzzo, who had both been journalists in the Philadelphia area and relocated back to Wellsboro in Tioga County, PA, where Theresa grew up.  Michael had been a police and crime writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Miami Herald, nominated four times for the Pulitzer Prize and the winner of numerous other awards for his writing.  He is also the author of Close to Shore, the bestselling account of the summer of 1916 when Great White shark attacks along the northeast coast were epidemic, providing the inspiration for Jaws.

More recently, he has a new book out, The Murder Room, which has been garnering tremendous reviews and media coverage, including a recent ABC special cenetring on the book’s main character.  It is the real-life account of the Vidocq Society, a group of the best detectives and forensics experts from around the globe who meet monthly in Philadelphia where they go over and attempt to solve the most baffling cold cases, on a pro bono basis.  You can read an excerpt from the book as well as an interesting article on the main character of the book by clicking on the magazine cover above and going to the Mountain Home website.

The great writing and editing of the Capuzzos and their staff has been a real gift to this area.  They shine a flattering light on the places, people and history of this area and make me proud to call it home.

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