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Rajah Hornsby QuoteWell, the Kansas City Royals won the World Series last night.  I’ve never been a huge NY Mets fan  even when we used to go to a lot of their games when I was a kid but I really like this team’s spunkiness, especially among their young players and starting pitchers.

The Mets had the lead late in three of the games they lost but just couldn’t withstand  KC’s determined late-inning charges.  KC had lost in the World Series last year and they brought the lessons learned to these games.  They deserved to win and should get all the accolades and parades that will be coming their way especially from their fans in Kansas City where it has been 30 years since they last won the Series.

But for fans of the Mets and all the other teams, today is a big letdown, the beginning of four or five months of waiting for spring without baseball.  Like me, they all can readily agree with the words above from the Rajah, Rogers Hornsby.  He was one of my favorites baseball names when I was a kid, along with Napoleon LaJoie and Mordecai “Three Fingers” Brown and probably the best hitter that modern fans have never heard of.  As they say today, the guy could rake.

I know I’ll miss that part of my day when I scan the scores and the standing or check the stats.  So, like the Rajah, I’ll sit and stare out the window, waiting for spring.


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