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Photo by Joe Capra- Scientifantastic   Greenland Ice

Photo by Joe Capra- Scientifantastic Greenland Ice

I was browsing through a few websites that I haven’t been able to keep up with lately and came across this video shot in Iceland and Greenland by photographer Joe Capra aka Scientifantastic.  Capra specializes in ultra  high definition time-lapse photography, cinematography and still photography and has traveled the world for his assignments for clients such as the National Geographic, the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.  It’s beautifully shot and lushly colored work that has earned Capra a reputation as one of the finest in his field.

This particular film was shot in Iceland and Greenland over the course of ten days as Capra sought to film the Aurora Borealis.  I found it very striking and found much in it that reminded me of some of my own work, particularly the shots that highlighted the starkness of the landscape and those where the color of the scene was transformed by the Northern Lights into odd shades and combinations.  Just a lovely short film with beautiful imagery, one in which I can find lots of inspiration.

For more info on Joe Capra and his work, click here.

Two Lands – Greenland | Iceland from SCIENTIFANTASTIC on Vimeo.

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