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LolomaThis is a new painting called Loloma that was done after I was invited to participate in an upcoming exhibit at Lovett’s Gallery in Tulsa, OK that is called Masters of Influence in which the invited artists create works in their own mediums inspired by the work of the chosen master-artist.  The master selected this year is Charles Loloma, a Native American silversmith/potter.  His multicolored stone jewelry straddles the worlds of Native American art and Modern art, possessing qualities that make it stand out in both worlds.  His work is bold and has an aesthetic vocabulary of its own that I find remarkable.

Charles LolomaIn doing a little research I came across the fact that he had studied ceramics after returning from World War II  not too far away from here at Alfred University, famed for their ceramics program.  That gave me a bit of a connection and made me wonder how his eyes  viewed the landscapes of western New York, if they influenced him in any way.  The works that I viewed online were stunning and modern, gorgeous collages of stone in a multitude of colors that could grace any modern art gallery.  I was taken by how he created a sense of place in such a beautiful and abstract form.  It reminded me, in appearance, of some of the glass art that I have loved over the years.  

I really didn’t know what to do when I began creating my piece that was to be influenced.  I wanted to simulate a typical landscape composition but with colors and shapes that might have been used by Loloma.  Perhaps the yellow/amber color that I selected for the foreground was more my color of choice, rather than Loloma’s, but I wanted my signature in the work as well.  It evolved as I painted it into something that seemed more like a painting of a glass window that was influenced by Loloma.  

It ended up as a piece that has a beautiful range of color and one that may have become far more my piece than Loloma’s.  It’s hard to fully capture the spirit of another’s work because when someone is creating work that is a form of their essence and being it contains a wholeness and intricacy that defies replication.  The best you can do is try to see the rhythm of their work and let it guide your own.  I can only hope that this is the case here.   However it got here, this is a piece full of color and rhythm.

The Masters of Influence show opens June 19th at Lovetts’s Gallery in Tulsa, OK.

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