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2009Here’s another new painting.  It has a very bright and optimistic feel which I believe is the right atmosphere for what I see in this piece.  Like many of my pieces with the fields with rows , this has a certain symbolism for me.  I see the rows running to the center as representations of labor, of working toward ones aspirations.  I see the red tree as a sort of dangling carrot.  A reward for effort and perseverance.  It’s a recurring concept behind my work and something I try to keep at the front of my mind as a reminder of the need for patience in my efforts.

In the houses I see a reminder that one’s toil and efforts might go unnoticed by those around you.  Everyone has their own field to work.

I call this piece A Shining Reward which is a bit obvious after giving my read on the piece.  But if the shoe fits…


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