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Time Soluble

Time SolubleI’ve been looking at this new piece quite a bit lately as it rests in my studio, waiting to be sent out into the world as part of my show at the Principle Gallery in Alexandria, VA in June.  

It catches my eye whenever I glance its way and there’s a quality to it that I can’t quite put my finger on but gives me great satisfaction nonetheless.  There’s a sense of timelessness in the piece as though the momentum of time has been halted and the moment is captured as a whole, not as just a fleeting flash in the continuum.  

The sky is not typical for my work and the wateriness of it reminds me of how time and moment soon dissipate, like drops of color in a bowl of water,  and once again we’re propelled from the stillness of the captured moment back into the acceleration of the continuum.  It’s for this reason I’ve titled this piece Time Soluble, another title picked from the titles submitted in the earlier Name This Painting! contest.  I send out thanks  and best wishes to Tom Seltz for this wonderful title.

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