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IntentionalityToday’s a busy day, one spent trying to finish pieces in various states of progress in preparation for my show in June.  The month before any show is kind of crazy as I try to bring some kind of cohesiveness to a group of work, try to put forth a group with a somewhat common theme. 

There’s always an interesting dynamic as the deadline approaches.  At that point I’m sharply focused on painting and usually pretty deeply immersed in a kind of rhythm.  New ideas are sprouting at every turn and the synapses are really snapping.  It’s a kind of creative high.  But suddenly I have to completely put on the brakes and switch to prepping the work to be shown.  Varnishing, matting, staining, framing, etc…

I feel a kind of mental whiplash in that week or so before the show.  At that point, the show is set and there is little I can do to change it so any anxieties I’ve had begin to grow.  And all the time I’m just wanting to get back to that creative high, to feel that flow of electric momentum.

So, I know that’s coming in the next few weeks but that is just part of the bargain, so I accept it and just keep painting because I can feel the high coming and even though it has to be cut short as some point, it’s a thrill when it hits.

The painting shown is titled Intentionality which is another title that was submitted in the contest.  This is from my  friend Scott Allen and to him I extend many thanks.  This piece will be at my show at the Principle Gallery in Alexandria, VA starting June 12.

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