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Hearts EntwinedHearts Entwined is the title of this painting which is set  to be shown at the Principle Gallery in Alexandria, VA on the June 12th opening of my solo exhibition there.

It is my 10th show at the Principle and quite honestly, before that first one back in 2000, I never thought this was a possibility.  The success of that first show really opened up new paths of potentiality that might have gone untrodden otherwise.  

This piece is a simple composition but is carried by the strength and intensity of the colors as well as by the texture which is formed by multiple layers of  torn watercolor paper and gesso, a process I use on rare occasion.  It’s not something I want to overuse as part of my overall process so that it becomes ordinary when seen.  When it’s used sparingly, it stands out a bit more.  

The simplicity of the composition actually heightens the feeling of the two trees that are entwined, as though all else in the world has faded away except that which is immediately present in that moment.

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