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Calling In the New Day This new painting, to me, is a reflection of myself and the anticipation I get for the new day.  I am a habitual early-riser, often up before the sun breaks over the hill to the east of us.  Often in the dark.  Once my eyes open and catch a glimpse of any light, I’m up.  At this time I always have a feeling of something close to anxiety but with an edge of optimism, even excitement.

It’s as though each new day has a new capacity for possibility, as though this might be the day that something new and exciting happens or a breakthrough discovery is made within my work.  It’s a feeling that has propelled me into every new day for a long time now and on the occasional day when I find this feeling lacking, it’s as though I’m walking in uncharted territory- I feel lost.

But in this piece I see a good day, myself as the red tree perched alone, facing the first light of the day while the rest of the world sleeps.  This could be the day…

This painting is called Calling In the New Day and is again one of the pieces that I will be exhibiting at my upcoming solo show at the Principle Gallery, opening June 12.

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