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 Vox Spiritus I’m on the road today, heading down to the DC area for tonight’s opening of my show at the Principle Gallery.  The opening begins at 6:30 and, unlike many gallery shows that take a while for the crowds to filter in, usually hits it stride pretty quickly.  I normally am fully engagedin conversation  within moments of coming into the gallery which is kind of nice.  Takes away that awkward time that you have at some shows when you’re standing there waiting for crowd to come in, twiddling your thumbs and hoping that indeed they will come.

 Luckily, the crowds at the Principle are always robust and many of the faces are now familiar even with a mere once a year meeting.  Most of the night is spent circulating through the gallery, explaining what I see in a particular piece or how it came to be.  I talk a little about technique but only if whoever I’m speaking with expresses an interest.  I’ve been to openings where the artist only talks in terms of the type of brush and paint he used and it can be pretty dry.  So I steer clear of technical gibberish when possible.  I try to fill in some of the areas that may appear vague to the viewer, explaining why I feel strongly about the piece in which they’ve taken an interest.  And make no mistake, if I feel confident enough to show the work in such a public venue then I have strong feelings for it.  To show work without the confidence or belief that there is something of value in or something to be said by the work is a big mistake.  I learned that from experience long ago and will only show that which strikes a chord in me. 

I enjoy this conversation and especially enjoy learning more about those who like my work.  It’s always interesting to see the diversity among those who attend and to hear a bit about their lives, which are often far more interesting to me than I could imagine my own being to them.

Anyway, I’m on the road by now and if you’re in the DC/ Alexandria area, please stop in tonight and say hello.

The show is at the Principle Gallery at 208 King Street in Alexandria, VA, beginning at 6:30.  The gallery phone number is 703-739-9326.

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