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 Given to the NightI spent some time looking back over  work from the past several years this weekend.  I was just seeing how the work moved from season to season and year to year, examining how the look of the work has changed.  How the technique I use continues to evolve.  How different colors revolve in and out of the parade of work through the years.

Blue is such a color.  I love working with blue and all the different hues within its spectrum.  I like its expressive quality and the sheer beauty of the color.  It’s easy to see why so many people inevitably say that blue is their favorite color when asked.  I see this in peoples’ reactions to work that is predominately blue.

At shows, folks who have followed my work over the years will sometimes ask why I don’t paint more blue pieces.  It’s always hard to explain because it sort of defies logic.  I mean, I love working with the color.  People react very strongly to the blue work.  I have only one blue piece in the studio that came back unsold.  The works in blue always do well.

So, I should be doing more, logically.  But there’s an feeling when working with blue that is hard to explain.  I call it color intoxication.  There’s an impulse when working with a color that has such a strong reactive quality as blue, especially when your face is constantly a foot or so from the surface of the painting, to be drawn deeply into the color.  It’s almost a trancelike state.  When I’m in this state I want to only see more of this color, to the point that it becomes obsessive.  So, despite it’s positive qualities, I have to pull myself back, have to fight the desire to continue deeper into the color.  If I didn’t my work would evolve into a blue drone, abandoning all the other colors that I also love to use.  

Maybe that would be interesting as an artistic statement but I kind of doubt it.  So I fight the pull of the blue and only do one now and then, just to keep the the beast alive…

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