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Palin As much as I hate commenting on anything political in this blog and as much as I hate giving any more consideration to Sarah Palin, I couldn’t help myself this morning.  I don’t want to go into a whole spiel about her shortcomings ( I like to keep my posts short) or how her politics clash with mine.

No, rather I want to say that she has sold the American public a faulty bill of goods.

She sells herself as a maverick, tough and strong, but it seems to me, watching her these past several months, that she is all fluff.  Thin-skinned.  Hillary Clinton has absorbed infinitely more body blows through the years and she keeps fighting ahead.  Love her or hate her, Clinton will never be called a quitter.

Sarah Palin is a quitter.

And quitters never win.  Winners never quit.

Oh, you’ll hear the spin from the right and those who, for some unfathomable reason, viewed her as their voice that she is just being maverick-y.  Saving the Alaskan electorate oodles of cash by stepping aside and not doing as she claims all lame-duck governors do which is to travel on the public dime, promoting themselves.  As she has done for the past several months.  Wouldn’t it, therefore, be a more maverick gesture to say I am going to finish my term, especially in theses troubled times,  and do it to the fullest extent of my power?  Wouldn’t that best serve the Alaskan people?

No, Sarah Palin has chosen a self-serving path, one that will reward her with scads of cash and possibly a public pulpit that will lead to an even higher office.  That’s the story so far.  How it will play out is anyone’s guess.  As far as future public office, especially on a national level- we’ll know what we’re getting if we buy her bill of goods.

A quitter.

Don’t rule out that possibility.  As my Dad says- ” We’re the most gullible people on the face of the Earth.”

Here’s a little Dr. John to add a little punctuation…

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