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Higher Thought Well, we had the opening for my solo show last night at the West End Gallery and I’m pretty happy with the results so far.  The turnout was very good which, for a summer opening, is somewhat surprising given the multitude of things going on  and the  number of people heading out to the lakes or out of town.  The response from those in attendance was great and I was able to get a lot of feedback.  Most, including gallery owner Linda Gardner, thought it was the best show I’d had at the West End ( this is my ninth there) and they may be right.  

I am very pleased with the show.  It fills the space nicely and Lin hung the work to its best advantage. The gallery’s lighting made the surfaces glow, giving the pieces real depth.  I think the work itself was very consistent in strength and had many paintings that reached out equally to viewers, pieces that might be the stars of other shows.  Just a very good group.

My favorite comment of the night came from an older couple from out of the area who said, ” You go to so many galleries and just when you think you couldn’t see something new and fresh, we come across this.”   Always good to hear.

So, it went well.  The show continues to hang at the gallery until the end of August so if you’re in the Corning area this summer stop in and check out pieces like the one show above, Higher Thought.

Now I’m left to find my next goal, my new point on the horizon that I can work for.  This will occupy my thoughts for the next few weeks as I putter around doing things around my studio and my home.  It’s an odd time.  There’s this emotional letdown after a show opens and if the show doesn’t meet one’s expectations it can last for quite a while.  But if the show goes well and rises up to your hopes, there’s a momentum of sorts that propels you past the post-show funk and onto the new road going forward, which is exciting and energizing.

So far, I think I will be going forward.  And that’s a good thing…

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