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Mark ReepThis past week or so, on his blog, Dreams In Black and White, artist Mark Reep has documented his progress in finishing the piece shown here, The Nightingale’s Garden.  I highly recommend that anyone interested in the artistic process take a look to witness the effort and dedication required to achieve work of this caliber.

I have been a fan of Mark’s work for many years now and am constantly impressed with the quality and inventiveness of his work.  He has a look and technique that is his own and when I’m looking at his work I really get the feeling that I am looking at  the inner workings of his mind.  There’s an obsessive quality to the work, a sense that you know that work like this can only be produced by someone that is completely immersed and devoted to the vision.  There can be no half-hearted efforts with work this intricately and meticulously detailed.

Beautiful stuff.  

Mark is one of those artists who have been so consistent at such a high level for so many years that  his work is sometimes taken for granted by the people in our own area.  I don’t think they realize what they have in front of them, that these are pieces that will stand out for generations to come.  But many savvy collectors from around the country recognize this in his work and have made his work part of many fine collections.  Deservedly so.

You can see more of the work of Mark Reep by clicking on the link in the list to the right or go his blog by clicking on the  image of his above.

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