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In Case Of Fire/ Align the PlanetsI mentioned before that I once printed and sold a few rock T-shirts many years back.  The only real positive that came from the experience was a long distance friendship that formed and has lasted for over twenty five years with a man from  Northern Ireland.  Over the years, my friend, Tom Robinson, and I have exchanged music, gifts ( I have a spectacular collection of Northern Ireland soccer jerseys) and many of the details of our lives.  It’s always good to hear from Tom.

I realized today that I had not mentioned in this blog that Tom’s son-in-law, Steve,  is the lead singer and guitarist for a band that is on the fast track for success on the British music scene.  The band  is In Case of Fire and this is the cover to their recently released CD, Align the Planets, which the band is currently promoting as they tour the UK .

It’s been really interesting to follow them through Tom’s letters over the last few years, to see how they evolved to their present state and how their dedication and hard work was rewarded as they signed with a major label and had a major CD release.  The reviews for their CD and their live performances have been great.  I will be following their progress and can’t wait to see how they further evolve.  They are a very serious group of guys who really want their music to say something to their listeners,  to be more than just sonic impact .  Their music and the subjects of their songs reflect this.  There is a strong social conscience in their stuff all propelled with an edgy progressive rock sound.

Here’s The Cleansing from the CD:

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