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I was sitting at the computer the other day, going through the images of several new pieces that will be going with me tomorrow when I travel to a couple of the galleries that represent me.  This piece was still untitled and  I sat there, staring at it and trying to determine what it was saying to me, something that would give it a unique moniker.  As I struggled, a song came on the stereo and I had my title.

It was from my long-time ( and I mean, long-time) favorite John Prine.  It was That’s The Way The World Goes Round and it just felt right.  There’s a line in the song, …naked as the eyes of a clown…, that always I always seem to hear when the song is playing, regardless of what I’m doing or how occupied my mind is.  There’s something in the song that triggers an innate alarm so that at the moment that line is aboout to be delivered my mind pushes aside whatever it is doing and stops to listen.

This piece seems to fit that line for me.  There’s a festive feel in the colors of the fields and the confetti-like sky but there’s a distant feeling there as well.  The dichotomy of a clown. 

So it has a title now and one that I very much like.  The painting is a 12″ by 36″ canvas and will be at the Principle Gallery in Alexandria, VA  on Friday.

Here’s a version of the song from John Prine, filmed many years ago as he sat around a kitchen table with friends.  It’s not a complete version and it’s interrupted with chit-chat but it’s charming and humorous.  Makes me want to sit around and swap songs with him…

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