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This is a small piece that I’m delivering today to the Principle Gallery in Alexandria.  Painted on ragboard, the image is a little over 5″ square and is titled Solace of Labor.

I really like this piece a lot, on a very personal level.  i suppose all my work is somewhat personal but, in this piece, I really feel as though I am the red tree here and the fields before it represent the work I’ve done.  The color of the piece has a calming, quiet effect and gives me the feel of the solace of the title.  It is a feeling much like that which I get when I collectively look back at the work, one of quiet pride of a task completed to my own satisfaction, knowing I had done my best and could do no more.

It also has a feel that takes me back to the very first work that I showed publicly many years back yet it still feels like today.  I feel the continuity of self through that time in this piece.  I guess what I mean by that,  is that even though the work has evolved over the years there is a line of continuity that runs through it and in this piece I can see it come full circle.

I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone but me.  I guess it doesn’t matter.  As I’ve said before, if I could say or write what I’m trying to say with my paintings, I wouldn’t need to paint.

But until I can write what I want to get across, I will paint.  Tomorrow.  Back in the studio after a couple of days on the road. 

I can’t wait…

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