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Well, the work for my show at the West End Gallery, Avatars, is complete and ready to be delivered later today.  Always a relief to be finished.   I’m pretty happy with this group of work and think it will hang well in the gallery.  One of the last pieces that I completed for this show is shown here.  Called The Sharing, it’s a 24″ by 24″ canvas and it has a great glow that I hope is showing on the computer screen.

The title comes from a few quick thoughts on the nature of sharing as seen in this piece.  The intertwined trees represent two beings sharing a life together, the trees strengthening one another,  one sharing the burden of support  for the other. They also represent a shared responsibility for the work that is required to sustain life.    The fields represent that work as well as the sharing of resources within a community. 

There is an idealistic quality to this piece, one of a common good that serves everyone.  Of an ideal world where we gladly accept part of the burden of those in need.  We are all made better by sharing.

This is not as eloquently put as I would like.  These are just off the cuff thoughts about this painting and what I see in it.  As I’ve said a hundred times before, you may see something completely different.

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