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My show at the West End Gallery in Corning opens this coming Friday, July 15,  and this week I will be featuring several pieces from the show. This is my eleventh solo show at the West End and I really try to make each show have its own look and feel.  I think this year’s show, called Avatars, really accomplishes that goal.  I saw the show after it had been hung in the gallery and there’s a real continuity between the works as well as a clean overall spareness that echoes the quiet of many of the pieces.  It has a sense of calm throughout, a tranquility that I have long sought and often wrote about here.

This is a smaller piece, about 10″ by 10″ on paper, that I call Time Dormant.  It’s a painting that uses the exposed strata of the earth below to create a sense of passed time as well as a visual rhythm that plays off the darker trees above that rise in tangents from the earth.  The white of the moon serves as a cool distant eye that witnesses this passage of time as well as being a focal point that brings the elements together.

This use of strata is a spin-off from my Archaeology series and is really about creating the rhythm I mentioned above with strands of color that have an organic quality that seems natural and right to the eye.  My hope is  that this sense of rightness will make them register almost intuitively with the viewer who will immediately sense what these layers denote without much thought.  Again, that’s my hope.   It may not be the overriding factor, or a factor at all, in whether the piece appeals to a viewer.  I can never really know that.

But I do know that I like the calm in this small painting, this feeling of being connected to an eternal pause in time.  There is a soothing quality that speaks of something more than the eye sees.


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