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Different Sultans

I wanted to show a performance of a song today to illustrate how hearing a song done differently makes it feel new again, in the way I feel about changing how a picture is painted changes my perception of that same composition.  I have talked about this before here, where a composition that may seem very familiar when done in color takes on a different gravity when done in the grays or sepias I have used in the recent past.

Here’s a version of Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits’  Sultans of Swing, a song that came out back in 1978 ( has it really been that long!) and has become a classic bit of rock, one of those songs that keeps rolling long past its own generation.  It’s done here on Spanish guitar by Pedro Javier Gonzalez and while it maintains its form, it feels newly revived.  Give a listen.

The painting at the top, by the way, is a small piece from my upcoming West End Gallery show.  I call it Audience.  I guess it fits here.


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