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The Calm Ahead

I see this painting that is part of the West End show that opens tomorrow night, The Calm Ahead, as a sort of personal aspiration, a goal to be reached.  I was in a gallery the other day and the person that I was speaking with asked about the tranquility that he saw in the paintings.  He wanted to know if that mirrored my own personal calm.

I responded by telling him that the purpose of these paintings for myself is to pacify my own fears and anxieties.  I told him that they were not a reflection but were instead a hoped-for endpoint.  They are what I wish to be-  calm and at peace with themself and the world around them.  I said that I felt that I was closer on that road to this place than I was not too long ago.

And that is really what I feel about this painting.  It is an idealization of the placid mind, the Red Tree standing tall and self-assured as it is bathed in the golden light from the sky.  I see the fork in the road as being symbolic of the choices that must be made as we make our way through the landscape of our life.  Some will take us to that place we desire and some will take us further away.  I see the fields as representing the work and toil of our lives, as those labors which sustain us.

That’s the short take on this piece.  I could say more but I think that says all that needs to be said. 

The Calm Ahead is 14″ by 24″ on mounted paper and is set in a 20″ by 30″ frame.  It is, as previously noted, part of the Avatars show at the West End Gallery in Corning, NY that opens with a reception tomorrow evening, July 15th.


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