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A Place to Stand, my solo show that opens next Friday at the Principle Gallery, has a theme of self-sovereignty running through it.  The idea of the individual realizing that their life is their own kingdom and that they alone have rule over it is a powerful one.  This new painting, a 30″ by 30″ canvas that is titled Satellites, reinforces that theme while also pointing out that our lives also inevitably revolve around greater concepts.

It puts our sovereignty into perspective, pointing out that, while we may rule our own lives, we all are ultimately parts of larger pictures and that our sovereign lives often revolve around those.  It may be our work, our family or our faith.  It may be in our duty to others, our compassion, that moves our worlds.  It can be any number of things but what it  boils down to is that there is a motivating concept around which our individual lives revolve.

I believe that if we could identify that thing, that motivating factor that makes our individual world turn, we would all have a better chance at satisfaction with our lives.  A purpose is needed in this life and it sometimes seems that many of us stumble along without a hint of one.

I guess the question that comes from this is:  What is this motivator in your own life?

That being said, this painting is a pretty interesting one from a visual aspect.  It has great contrasts, texture and bright yet subtle colors that make it an eye-catcher.  For me, the painting’s strength is in the stability of the triangle formed by the Red Tree, the Red Chair and the moon.  It really gives the whole piece a feeling of sturdiness and assurance, at least in my eyes.  This sturdiness is supported by the solidness of the patchwork fields on which the triangle sits and plays off.

It will be interesting to see the response to this painting.  It;s one of those pieces about which I have no idea as to how people will see it.  We shall soon see…


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