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Golden Windows

Golden Windows Tryptych– GC Myers

I’m getting ready to head out later this morning for Alexandria for tomorrow night’s opening of my show, A Place to Stand,  at the Principle Gallery there.  This is my fifteenth annual exhibition there, the last thirteen of them solo shows, so I kind of know how things will go.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t make it any easier or take away my anxiety.  But simply knowing the terrain from the past keeps  the inner tension from getting the best of me. 

  I have often written about how one of the purposes of my work is for it’s calming effect on myself, how it often acts as an inner counterbalance to the less than calm feelings I often experience in the outer world.   Sometimes I forget this but sitting here at this moment, about 6 AM,  looking at the image above, Golden Windows, a trypych on paper from the show, really brings that point home. 

 I find myself easily transformed when I allow myself to stop and really take it in. 

The tension in my shoulders that started the moment I opened my eyes in bed seems to ease and a calmness comes over me.  I am for a minute there, at once both the tree and a placid onlooker soaking in the rich yellow of the sky and the  stark simplicity and ease of its composition.  It seems to help and I think I will keep this image in my mind today, trying to come back to it whenever I feel the anxiety building.

So, image set in my mind, I get ready to soon head out. 



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