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Many Thanks

Back in the studio this morning, ready to dive back into my routine.  While I am eagerly looking forward to getting back to work, I have to take a few moments to send out thanks to everyone who came out Friday evening for the opening at the Principle Gallery.  Wonderful crowd, as is always the case there, with some folks that I knew and some that I was meeting for the first time, most armed wiuth questions of some sort.  Hopefully, I gave answers that satisfied their curiosities.

Of course, there were some that I couldn’t get to which always bothers me for a long time afterwards.  There are people who come to the shows each year and I sometimes don’t get more than a moment to say hello and sometimes not even that.  Just like being back in the studio, there seems to never be enough time.

Also, many thanks to the staff at the Principle Gallery.  Michele, Ali, Clint and Meghan do a bang-up job on the behalf of  both their artists and collectors, always making both feel comfortable in the gallery space.   They did a masterful job of hanging this show, givng it the full effect of the unity of the work in it. 

Well, I’ve been away too long and must get back to it.  Again, many thank you’s.  I am most appreciative and will think of that evening and the folks with which  I spoke many times during coming days spent alone in my studio.  Thank You!

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