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Next on the agenda is my Gallery Talk ( they call it an Artist Talk– tomato,tamato) at the Principle Galleryon Saturday, September 15, beginning at 1 PM. This will be the 16th year I have given a talk at the gallery. It coincides with the annual Alexandria King Street Art Festival which has evolved into a pretty large showcase for many talented, working artists.

So, what could be better than a day in historic and beautiful Alexandria along with some art, good talk and more?

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Photo Courtesy of Jessica Braun

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Braun

It was a really nice time in Alexandria yesterday, doing my annual Gallery Talk at the Principle Gallery, an event we started doing in conjunction with the King Street Arts Festival twelve years ago.   Got to spend some time with Jessica, Pam and Clint at the gallery which is always a treat.  The actual talk, despite my normal pre-talk trepidations, went really well.  At least that’s what people tell me– I never trust my own judgement on those things.  But it was a full house with many familiar faces mixed with many new, a great group that made my job fairly easy, allowing me to be myself and be open and forthcoming.  Of course, in the aftermath, I  realized that I had missed several points and questions of my own  that I had wanted to address but that’s okay as the voids were filled with their questions.

Sometimes, these questions from the audience are the best part for me and probably for them, as well.  It is often the moist revealing part of the talk.  After talking about how my fifth-grade art teacher had been a big influence on my work, especially the Archaeology series,  a question came forward asking what advice I would now give to my fifth-grade self.  My response was that I would tell myself to believe that I had a voice that was unique, that I had something to say to the world.  I went on to talk about what finding this voice in art has meant to me, about how it empowered me and made me feel as though I had a role, a purpose in this world.

There’s more I could have added but that will have to wait until the next time.

The talk ended with the drawing for the painting and for several other gifts.  That is always a lot of fun for me and for the audience.  Well, at least the ones who win.  I tried to tell them how much this giving meant to me, how I was actually the one who was walking away with more than I came with.  That is absolutely true and for that I thank every one of those folks who chose to spend part of their Saturday with me at the Principle.  The inspiration you provide is worth more than I can ever give in return.

And, of course, to Michele and the crew at the Principle, so many thanks for everything they have given me through the years– friendship, encouragement and a place to let my voice speak freely.  It is more than appreciated.  So, for some  music, as is the norm on a Sunday morning here, I am sending out La Vie En Rose from Madeleine Peyroux.

Have a great Sunday…

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Principle Gallery - Talk 2013Well, this year’s Gallery Talk at the Principle Gallery is over, having taken place this past Saturday.   I have done this talk for the past eleven years, always in conjunction with the Alexandria King Street Art Festival, which fills the well known street in Old Town with artists and artisans from around the country.  It was an absolutely beautiful,  sun-filled day in Alexandria  so I was so grateful for the group of folks who took time from their day to stop in.  I think the talk went fairly well although in the aftermath I felt, as always, that I missed many vital points that I had wanted to touch on.  But hopefully I made some cogent points and everyone came away with a bit more info about my work.

The highlight of the talk was, of course, the giving away of the painting Ode to Whitman, a piece that I have featured here in recent days.  For the last six years or so, I have given away a piece every year at this event and an interesting phenomenon has began to take shape.  I normally ask someone to come up and draw from the container of entries.  The first year went without incident with the chosen person reaching in and picking a name from the assembled audience.  However, prior to Saturday, the person chosen to come up and draw has pulled their own name in two of the last four years.  I am not a mathematician but the odds of a person reaching into a contained held above their head and pulling their own name from a group of 50 to 75 entries seems as though they might be kind of high.

So, when the time came for the drawing I asked if anyone felt lucky and explained the history.  A young lady in the front row agreed to come up and I jokingly asked her to show me her hands so that I could make sure she wasn’t cupping a slip of paper.  We all laughed and she reached up and drew a folded slip of paper.  As I opened the slip I heard her gasp, “Omigod, that’s me!”  I thought she was kidding then  realized that it was indeed her.  I joked that she better show me some ID before I hand over the painting.

But the painting was hers.   She was so grateful, claiming that she was one of those people who never wins anything.   Well, things change and I hope that that painting which holds meaning for me comes to have meaning for her as well.  If that fortunate person is out there reading this, I am sorry  but your name evades me this morning so drop me a line to refresh my memory.

Many thanks to all who made it to the talk.  It was an honor to be able to talk with you all and a pleasure to hear your thoughts and stories.  One of the great rewards for me as an artist is having people share their life experiences with me, feeling comfortable in doing so  because of the bond they feel through the work.  It is a humbling affirmation of the power of art.  Again, many thanks for all that you have shared through the years.  It very much enriches the work.

Many thanks to Clint, Jessica and Julia at the Principle Gallery for taking care of the details and making me feel comfortably at home there, as always.  And thanks to gallery owner Michele Ward  (actually, now gallery mogul as she recently announced the acquisition of the M Gallery of Fine Art in historic Charleston, SC) for her continued support of my work through the years.  Though my work is wildly divergent from the typical work in her gallery, she has always maintained a belief in the work, something which has carried me through the peaks and valleys of what has turned into a career.

Hope to do it again  next year!

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